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Good question, good, plausible answer – located in what I choose to call, oversimplifyingly,  ‘the tribal loyalties of managerialism’.

Go read it.

He is only talking about a specific subgroup – dictator’s sons – but you know me, never miss an opportunity to over-generalise.

So I reckon that it can be applied to all managers, be they brutal dictators, like the head of Children’s Services at your Council, or just some bumbling protestor-torturing middle-eastern sheik’s son; they all owe their primary loyalty to management, to managers and not to you, their staff, and not to their customers.

In an argument between you and a rival manager, I’m saying that your manager will be drawn to believing the other manager rather than believing you,  their own member of staff, because, let’s face it, we all know how crap our own staff are, don’t we?

Whereas, I am a good manager, I’m not perfect but I’m pretty good, so I will find it hard to believe that another honourable manager like me can be at fault.

The measure of the true worth of YOUR manager is whether YOU believe that they WILL cover your ass in a fight; all the rest is just snake oil.

And being as how we are talking about management, the single most destructive power on the planet, and it’s pointed right at you,  you gotta ask yourself this question: do I feel lucky?

Well do ya, punk?

(This blog item is dedicated to anybody who ever did a good job, in spite of their managers.)

(thanks to Inspector Harry Callaghan of the SFPD for the ‘punk’ quotes.)

I love comments, all comments…

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