xkcd: Alternative Energy Revolution


xkcd: Alternative Energy Revolution.


This is exactly how I feel.


And they don’t work. Massive waste of energy in their construction and they don’t work. Ugh.


2 thoughts on “xkcd: Alternative Energy Revolution

  1. Dear Arthur,
    Care to support your claim that they don’t work?

    I mean, they *do* work. They might not produce all the energy we currently need as a country, but they do actually function as they are supposed to, i.e. they turn wind energy into electricity.

    I’m not gonna argue the aesthetics point, that’s fairly subjective I guess.

    • No, thanks.

      Now, I realise that reply is a little brief, (he writes about 18 hours later, on reflection) so here’s a longer reply.

      sorry but I like being obscure so this is it:


      If you use the search box at top right to search for:

      winding up the Creationists

      then you’ll find one of my earliest postings (blogons?) of that name.

      It may provide a clue.

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