Not just an Ugly Logo » Penny Wilson…

Not just an Ugly Logo. » Penny Wilson.

PATH applied for funds to create a sort of Play Olympics – go read her item. Here’s a quote:

“The rejection feed back told us that, amongst other things, the ‘ non-competitive emphasis of the project was anti-Olympic.’

There you have it. The rhetoric is clear. This Olympic extravaganza is an elitist event. There is nothing that should not strive for a sort of eugenic supremacy. The Olympic park is where this excellence will be contained . The peripheries will stay as they are to heighten the contrast. There will be no legacy except that of a healthy reinforcing of the status quo. If we are all delighted that we do not need to be ‘The Best’ , if we are content to be ‘good enough’, not perfect or a failure but content and happy with ourselves and each other, then the Olympics becomes a meaningless pantomime.

”A ring of poverty is needed as a setting for the jewel.

“And we have that ghastly logo more and more rubbed into our faces.”

Ugly does as ugly looks, Pen.


Ugly tin-eared logo-choosing managerialist supremacist commodifying senior managers are hardly likely to choose sensitive beauty at this late stage.

Yet another warped adult play type, methinks, just like Spaghetti Junction is a dysplay of Scalextric deprivation in small boys growing up to be transport planners…

And the horror of that logo! it supposedly appeals to yoof, just like early learning primary colours appeal to babies. They don’t, but boy do they signify! They signify (warning outrageous over-the-top unforgiveable holocaust analogy alert – as Bill Hicks probably said – I make jokes about serious things and vice versa, doesn’t mean it’s demeaning or not serious) that the building on which they are emblazoned is a prison controlled by play destroying adults  – it’s as if they have a sign saying ‘Spielen Macht Frei’.



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