The tragedy of the Civil Service – BAAD GRAMMA

I love this torygraff  piece. I’m sure it’s all true, speaking as a grammar school boy.

Here’s the offending verbiage:

“Border Force operational managers should brief their staff and cascade the enclosed guidance to staff to support implementation of a trial that will enable port managers to deploy their resources more effectively and opportunity to meet the demands of peak summer traffic pressures whilst continuing to focus on other high harm/high risk threats at the border.”

Going forward. Cascading. I’m on a journey.

Yes, we can blame Blairism for the battering by management consultant and thinktank wonk perpetrated on the Civil Service, but the sort of managerial gobbledegook we see here needs fertile soil in which to take hold. Sir Humphrey is obviously no longer checking every memo for grammar; shame. That fertile soil is the ticky-box culture in which thinking is replaced by ticking, and articulacy is replaced by sort of pointing at something vaguely using utterancey, you know, wossnames, innit?

Even the rabid torygraph twittyfolk are overwhelmingly sort of, erm, right.

Such fun.


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