Ariel Dorfman and John Sutherland rejecting the texist pomo piffle of 50 years of lit crit (and plugging JS’ book)

Dorfman’s play ‘Death and the Maiden’ (filmed starring Ben Kingsley and Ripley out of ‘Alien’) might be read as pomo in that it leaves open the question of what do you when you met your torturer; yet pleasingly, Dorfman feels that the text is not king and that a ‘fuller appreciation’ of the work of art comes with knowledge of the author’s biography.

Gratuitous link to playwork: to criticise the pomo trappings of the idealistic and autistic towers of ivory is to elevate them absurdly. Simply put, you can’t do pomo until you have mo, and much of what we call ‘Modern’ is essentially (continued in a GCSE sociology class near you…) out of date pseudo-science, at best*.  The solution is to junk it all and only allow back in the stuff that playworkers attest actually really honestly helps them do their job. Can we afford intellectual affordances which do not afford?

Affordances – yet another new play type?

Playwork theory, if it grows up, will start to aspire to the condition of bad alchemy. Or if it wises up it may become the hedge-magic (see Pratchett) of the old witch healer.

There are signs that this is happening: I dubbed it ‘barefoot playwork’ earlier this year. There seem to be more witches abroad…



*As is some Nursing theory –   Rogerian nursing Science exposed as pseudoscience:

the original Raskin article is lost because his site has been hijacked.


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