flocking wolves with only 2 rules


Wolf packs don’t need to cooperate to make a kill

 26 October 2011 – New Scientist

”A BISON flees through the snow, four wolves in hot pursuit. The bison circles to the left in a bid to escape, only to discover a fifth wolf lying in wait. Within seconds it is surrounded.

This apparent ambush may require neither planning nor communication between wolves. According to a new computer model, a virtual wolf pack can replicate a real pack’s behaviour by obeying just two rules, suggesting that the wolf’s hunting strategy does not need much brain power.“

Stupid title – an unneccessarily anthropomorphic notion of cooperation – cooperation may just be a fancy way of describing the behaviours we see in this example. What’s fascinating is that neither the NS nor the researchers have picked up on the blindingly obvious resemblance to Reynold’s flocking rules:


Scientists, eh? People who know more and more about less and less. Heads up, dudes!


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