Capitalism in crisis: what if the protesters got serious?

Good question.

“In Russia, capitalism triumphed over communism. Here, it triumphed over democracy.” Fran Leibowitz

Sixty-six years after the defeat of Hitler, 40 years on from the neoliberal capitalist counter-attack that ratcheted up its tempo in the early 1970s, the premises of the system are under fearsome pressure, powerfully evoked by demonstrations from Athens to Oakland.

Having briefly tasted batons and pepper spray, OWSers should know that when capital feels it is being pushed to the wall, it will stop at nothing to crush any serious challenge. The cop puts away his smile. The indulgent mayor imposes a curfew. “Exemplary” sentences are handed down. The prisons fill up.

Organised repression can only be defeated by organised resistance, nationwide. How to mount this is the OWSers’ urgent, immediate challenge. In Oakland, on Wednesday, OWS staged a rally calling for a General Strike. That’s at least thinking along the right lines.“


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