The economist on innovation in education. hmmmm…

As usual, the Economist’s team of bright children alternately infuriate, intrigue and interpret everything they see as extolling the virtues of private enterprise.

“THE scene is enough to appal those teachers steeped in ideas about child-centred education and learning through play.”

That’s as maybe, but I doubt it would appal many of my colleagues in playwork. Typical sneery ace cub reporter piffle.

” Disruptive behaviour is “usually about fear”, triggered when children (especially boys) do not know how to do something.”

An intelligent educator said that.

“The larger pool is open to the paying public after midday, and forms part of a private enterprise (also including a gym and a block of flats) that subsidises organic lunches, smaller than average classes and after-school care.”

Was this copy phoned in? The phrase you seek is “social enterprise”  It’s sort of like private enterprise except that the profits go to good causes. Might catch on…


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