We had a bit of a security kerfuffle…

We had a bit of a security kerfuffle here at Plexity Towers when it was discovered that OTHER PEOPLE can post items here!

As I keep saying, this scraplog is ‘in beta’ and I’m still trying to set it up the way I want it: specifically I want to make it difficult for spammers and baddies to post stuff, while making it easy for nice folks to say things. During this beta stage, I thought I had set it up so that I was the only person allowed to post here, but with a link to the Facebook fan page of the scraplog. I now realise that anyone on facebook can post here, as the lovely posts by Adrian demonstrate. Now, Adrian’s posts are lovely and helpful and positive, ANDnotbut I’m very worried yet again that bloody Facebook can drive a coach and horses through my blog’s security settings! Grr. Bad Facebook. note to self: sort out FB permissions and finish setting up the blog so comments can be made but only postings from me and invited guest bloggers. Don’t take this personally Ade – I really liked your comments. let me know if you find any evidence of that ‘enlightened self-interest we discussed. Blimmin’ interweb.

I love comments, all comments…

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