Radio 4 just now Midweek http www bbc…

Radio 4 just now. Midweek:

Discussion with a ‘playful’ furniture maker.

Topic – playing under a table when you were a child.

Now, this thought might not be original, and I don’t care (and I’d like to know the details if someone else is on record on this topic to help ensmallen my ignorance) but the thought, which is mine* is:

If you were brought up in olden times** you may have well lived in a house with a ‘front room’ which wasn’t used much, except when a vicar/priest/other religious figure/the police/the queen. Now, this room had a table. Children would sneak in there and play under the table. But, if you don’t have a ‘front room’, you don’t have access to a table to play under, PRIVATELY.

That’s the thought. It is obviously triggered by listening to Bob Hughes yesterday. (To find it search for his name in my search box over on the top left.) Bob was talking about the importance of play environments that enable ‘private’ play – out of sight of adults.

So the decline of the little-used front room is another aspect of the impoverishment of children’s play.

Observe a minute’s silence in memoriam, please.

* reference to old Monty Python dinosaur theory sketch in which Oxbridge poshboys lampoon an autodidact/crank.

**young people think that anything before they were born is ‘olden times’, with dinosaurs. I blame the teachers.

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