Just watching the IPA videos By which I…

Just watching the IPA videos. By which I mean the videos of talks by play experts given to the International Play Association 2011 in Wales. I’m watching Bob Hughes (who I am pleased to call a friend), ‘the man who invented playwork’ I choose to call him today.

Anyone who is interested in the fate of children in our world should learn from the material made available by the IPA here on the net.

If you go to:


that link takes you into the IPA2011 website, to the brief video extracts from the conference. There are a number of short clips of Bob’s talk – the 2nd one seems to be an error – as it was a repeat of the first. You can’t see Bob’s slides, or his movie clips, so it’s really just an audio. But still brilliant inspiring and wise stuff.

Go see it.


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