Walking in the rain with one you love…

Blane, 9, and her mum, Magenta, walking to school in freezing, driving rain – no hats, faces frozen with cold, wet through, laughing.

This happened this morning, she told me at lunchtime. You can choose to have a good time, even in freezing, driving rain. Reminds me of the tribe visited by Jean Leidloff in her book ‘The Continuum Concept’. (It’s still in print – don’t get it from amazon, try abebooks.co.uk and support somebody’s local secondhand bookshop.) They treat everything as play – including, to quote just one example, getting half-crushed under an extremely heavy canoe halfway up the side of a huge waterfall. Yes, the book is a hippyish throwback from the 70s, which, however, does not mean it is not a thought-provoking challenge for anyone who works with, or works with people who work with, children.

PS: their pseudonyms were chosen by ‘Blane’ so don’t be drawing any conclusions about social class from the choices of a nine year-old girl.