PleXity is the name of my consultancy

I chose it about 8 years ago, but failed to grab the domain which was then owned by a hi-tech firm in the US. I chose the name deliberately, semi-ironically, and, I reckon that this comment from another blog shows that my instinct was correct:

“A belated comment: Plexity sounds like one of those invented names for corporations that sound like they should be words, but aren’t, like Agilent, Accenture, Viant and Scient (all real). “Plexity — we help you make chaos out of order.” By the way, is for sale for $2,200.”

The irony being that it is a real [but very obscure] word, and I am a lowly freelance consultant not a giant faceless corporation.

you can read the rest of an excellent discussion of the word here:

I’m consciously including all of those meanings in my use of the word, especially the interwoven connections, network relationships and the Delany ‘simplex/complex/multiplex’ perspective. Thanks to Jack Cohen for reminding me that I must’ve picked it up from ‘Empire Star’ in the early 70s. Because – “More than one thing can be true at once” from the sayings of me.

Mind you “Is it simply a nonce abbreviation for complexity, or something more… significant?” as the languagehat blog says.


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