Systems thinking and courage


“That’s not my area”

Maybe it’s our area.

Courage. Yeah. Makes sense.

Originally posted on Learning Change:

In all the books and research papers on systems thinking that I have read, I don’t think I have yet found the word courage as part of the language used. There is a lot written about systems thinking in terms of it’s relevance and importance, it’s theories and methodologies, but nothing about what it takes — emotionally. And I’m convinced: systems thinking not only requires skill, it also takes courage.

I was invited as a keynote speaker to the 9th Brazilian Congress of Systems in Palmas, Brazil. My colleague, Raul Espejo, was the speaker who opened the conference. His presentation was about learning to act systemically. He ended his presentation with a poignant statement: “Systemic sensibility is an ethical imperative.” He said systemic sensibility. How perfect for me: That was the focus of my presentation– the need to move from systems thinking to…

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One thought on “Systems thinking and courage

  1. Courage everywhere. Now is the time to push beyond these flimsy boundaries, that are as a semi-porous membrane to evolutionary development. Think and behave boldly.

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